What do 27 psychiatrists, psychologists & mental health experts know about Donald Trump that we don’t?

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Not much. They just have the training, professional duty and guts to do something about it. Three things you might not know A new, must-read book (guaranteed bestseller) will be released on Tuesday, October 3rd: The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. It is the work of 27 esteemed psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health experts who have assessed President Donald Read more...

Isn’t one lunatic with nuclear weapons enough?

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Three things you might not know: In 5-10 years America, your children and your grandchildren could be in the nuclear cross-hairs of North Korea. Egypt and other countries could be customers for Kim Jong Un's nuclear warheads. Three times Trump asked foreign policy advisors why he couldn't use nuclear weapons to solve the nation's problems. (Two minute read) America, ask Read more...

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