Straightspeak’s purpose is to be a catalyst for conversations that make a difference, conversations that foster and elevate thinking. Conversations that just might change your perspective, for the better.

Intelligence is not always knowing the answer. It is always asking the question. Maya Angelo (1928-2014)

We don’t provide answers; we pursue questions. Our goal is to provide you with a synthesis of diverse thinking, opposing opinions and wide-ranging resources so that you can pursue the ideas, issues and thoughts that you want to understand more deeply.

We’re a colloquium for open-minded thinking. We’re in quest of both big and small questions, the ones most people overlook or can’t find time for or the so-called experts have already proffered what they think is the right answer. And we advance through skepticism, not cynicism.

We seek people who think extraordinarily.

Tens-of-millions of us are disengaged from the important conversations, big and small. And there is a myriad of reasons that we are … until we can find a way to focus on a few of the questions that matter to us.

Straightspeak offers an interrogative place, a contemplative opportunity, where you can peruse a collection of issues and ideas that are beyond the superficial hyperbole propagated by ratings-driven media and deeper than the self-serving, soundbites on the blogosphere.

It is far worse to have the right answer to the wrong question than it is to have the wrong answer to the right question.


“Amid the noise and haste” this is what straightspeak is about.