Just as every story is different so too are the costs

Rates and fees vary but the following are the basic rates I use to arrive at the estimated cost of any project.

Hourly rate:
 I base all estimates on two factors: 1) A time/hourly rate of $100; and 2) A word count based on a finished manuscript. No one can know the length of a story or how long it will take to tell it until you get to the end—nor should it be encumbered by a predetermined length. However, in early discussions I am able to estimate time and word count and provide you with numbers that will form the basis of our contractual agreement (I provide examples).

Flat fee:
 Most projects are based on a flat, project fee determined by the estimated work involved. For major projects like a book  there can be a great deal of time required for writing, interviews, research, revisions and editing; therefore, I prepare an estimate, in advance, based on your time/availability and other common variables.

If required, fees can include my assistance in the preparation of material required to find a literary agent and publisher, self-publishing, as well as marketing and promotion assistance.

Editing rates:
 If only editing services are required they are usually based on a per page cost (8.5″ X 11″, double spaced, 250-300 words). Editing falls into two categories:

  • Copy editing: for spelling, punctuation, grammar and minor changes: $4 – $5 per page. Can also be  based on .02-.03 cents per word
  • Developmental editing: Review of story, structure, message, characters, plot (fiction), and flow with comments and section rewrites (includes proofing spelling, punctuation, grammar): $8 – $10 per page or hourly rate. Usually estimated as a project fee after review of the manuscript.

Assistance in getting published: If you require assistance in finding a literary agent and/or publisher or self-publishing, I provide a fee estimate. If I am writing the book for you then it can be included in that fee. If you have already completed your work

I can help you get it published. My work includes some or all of the following:

  • Review and comment on your manuscript
  • Prepare a book proposal (non-fiction)
  • Prepare and vet a list of agents and publishers that are relevant to your book as well as a query letter, sample chapters and manuscript
  • Advise on required package of material to target agents and/or publishers

Fees for this work are set in advance and can vary depending on the extent of your requirements—from just a query letter and list of targeted agents and publishers to a comprehensive book proposal. Usually fees range from $1,000 to $5,000.

It’s always different
Just as every story is different so too are the costs. Tell me your story and I’ll tell you the costs.