Three things you might not know:

  1. In 5-10 years America, your children and your grandchildren could be in the nuclear cross-hairs of North Korea.
  2. Egypt and other countries could be customers for Kim Jong Un’s nuclear warheads.
  3. Three times Trump asked foreign policy advisors why he couldn’t use nuclear weapons to solve the nation’s problems.

(Two minute read)

America, ask yourself: What do narcissistic bullies do?

Even a fifth grader knows what happens when bullies face-off: “They fight” – at the drop of a hat or the slight of a tweet. All the missile defense systems and technological wizardry in the world, whether in Israel, Japan or the US, cannot overcome the idiocy of two losers who in their own mind think they are winners. The only art of a deal between these two will be nuclear.

An article in today’s Washington Post, These North Korean missile launches are adding up to something very troubling, provides a quick update on the capability of lunatic #1’s nuclear program. And any of dozens of articles, including the Commander In Chief Forum on NBC, Wednesday September 7th, will tell you about the lack of lunatic #2’s readiness to handle a nuclear crisis. Zero!

A second article answers the question, Everything you need to know about the North Korean nuclear test.  If you are considering voting in the US November election it might be a good idea to refresh your thinking on the nuclear threat – not Kim Jong Un, the risk of the other lunatic, Donald Trump getting into a position of power to confront lunatic #1.

“If this continues unchecked, they could develop an inter-continental ballistic missile that could pose a threat to the United States in the next decade.” – Kelsey Davenport, director for nonproliferation policy at the Arms Control Association. “

Oh great! The US might have a ten-year window before a possible nuclear Armageddon (other sources predict five years). If Trump is elected, which plays right into the hands of dictators like Kim and Putin, he could be tempted to get aggressive – and dangerous – with pre-emptive action against North Korea. And what would the fallout from US Presidential action – or just irresponsible bluster – be for allies like Japan, South Korea and China who are already in Kim’s cross hairs? Asians make up 55% of the world’s population and many families and relatives now live in the US (approximately 18 million, 6%). So if Asians in America care about the long-term well bring of their homeland they should never vote for Trump.

“They’re testing at a really fast rate because the program is real. The idea that this is a Potemkin missile program is just nonsense … Countries looking to buy North Korean missiles are probably looking at this and thinking, ‘Ooooh, that’s nice.’ … If you were in Egypt, staring at Israel, you might really like a warhead like this.” –  Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program in Monterey.