“Hindsight is worth a million bucks” … but is it worth the loss of millions of lives?

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The ignorance of our so-called leaders is exposed when real leaders can say, "I told you so." (2 min read) Nobody was listening then. Is anyone listening now? Bill Gates, one of the more enlightened animals in the genus homo sapiens, told us in 2015 – 5 years ago – "We’ve actually invested very little in a system to Read more...

Poor leadership is not only painful … it’s deadly!

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(3 min read) We all know the short-comings of Donald Trump, U.S. President, and we all know he and his "merry band of sycophants" will always act like the Sheriff of Nottingham rather than Robin Hood. We also know he can't change. He is what he is, he can only do what he's capable of, and, unfortunately, that's not Read more...

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