It’s a wonderful wired world for marketing––or scary as hell!

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David Ogilvy and Bill Bernbach could never have imagined that "word-of-mouth" advertising meant this. (photo: blognaver) If you're not wired up, you might want to stick to shopping, not selling Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook ( Those sizeable numbers in my email notice (PCs around for 35 years, the Internet for 20 years, 2 billion people on Read more...

In the flotsam of the digital avalanche, Warren Buffett is still buying newspapers. What’s going on in media?

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No, that's not Warren Buffett but the Buffalo News is his newspaper and Stanford Lipsey is the publisher. They do look a little alike. (photo: bbannon/NYT) Just when you thought you had media figured out Not only is Warren buying newspapers but he owns the Buffalo News – a ghost of its former self – in a city that has lost Read more...

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