New data disproves the mainstream chatter and assumptions

Gallup interviewed 87,428 Americans and were able to fine tune where support for Trump is coming from (who and where). It’s the driving cause behind his rise and will remain long after he has faded into the sunset over one of his golf courses.

Watch this five minute video as Ezra Klein of Vox Media describes the problem.

Video (5:37)

Video: Vox Media

SIDE NOTE: Our recent postings have been overly weighted to coverage of Donald Trump for one good reason. The narcissistic, bigoted, xenophobic, non-tax-paying billionaire is unworthy of visiting the Oval Office let alone occupying it, and he deserves no more respect than what he gives to others. None!

Trump isn’t likely to win, enough Americans aren’t that stupid (see Tom Friedman’s NYT column, “Trump? How could we?”). But his candidacy has ripped a veneer off of American society that should now be deeply examined by people in leadership positions who care more about their country than their self-serving needs in politics, business and the world.