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Over 50 million men – 50 million – in United States and Canada have erectile dysfunction so it is obviously not a minor problem. It’s a big problem – and it gives a whole other meaning to “size matters.” ED is a disease like diabetes or hypertension or coronary artery disease and just like these diseases, it can have a serious impact on your emotional and physical health. The good news is that ED might be telling you about other important conditions in the rest of your body. Doctors are now saying that ED can be a sign of other potentially life threatening diseases such as coronary artery disease, a condition for which early detection is crucial. Therefore, the fact that you can’t get it up should get you up off your ass and doing something about the rest of your health.

Blockage is blockage and wherever it happens it is serious.

A talk with your doctor about ED could lead to discovering these other critical health threats because what’s going on down there could be going on elsewhere. Dr. John Ludlow, a urologist, explains: “Most men have two very small blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. These blood vessels are about one-third as large as the blood vessels that supply the blood to the heart. These small blood vessels can become clogged as a result of atherosclerosis or high blood pressure. If these blood vessels become clogged then blood can’t get to the penis and this results in erectile dysfunction. What physicians have discovered and written about in hundreds of medical journal articles is that a man who has erectile dysfunction from clogged penile arteries is at an increased risk of clogged heart arteries, which puts him at risk for a heart attack which could be fatal.” So you can see the connection. It’s not just about your sex life; it could be about your life.

You're 1 in 50 million, get over it!

Apparently, many men don’t like to discuss their ED problem because they’re too embarrassed – get over it, you’re one in 50 million – and with an overly “accepting” wife the problem can be ignored for too long. That’s a mistake. Not only because it undermines the joy in an active sex life but, more importantly, it ignores a greater risk in your heart’s life.

Hopefully this news will motivate many more men to talk to their doctor about ED as part of a broader discussion about your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and heart condition – after all, your heart and your erectile are connected in more ways than one.