You may never again vote for an incumbent

One snitch's confession; a hundred politicians' nightmare.

Want solid insider information, a great mea culpa and a view from the confessional – all in one book? Read Jack Abramoff’s book: Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Washington Politics From America’s Most Notorious Lobbyist.

This book rips the veneer off the sleazy, money-grabbing, all-for-me, screw-the-American-people underbelly of politics. Our only defense against such blatant corruption might be to simply never give them a second term to keep screwing us over. Each election we should be smarter than them (not difficult) and vote the incumbents out, no matter who they are, what ideology they represent. It may be the only way we can still keep some semblance of control over what they do. And they all do it – Democrats, Republicans, Independents, staffers – from the left and right, to our faces and behind our backs, before the lies and after the promises. It’s incessant, incestuous and ubiquitous. Vote them out, every election.