The weird folks from the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka are on a  mission to prove god has lost his marbles. And they are succeeding. They now claim that the madman in Norway who slaughtered 77 innocent people was God’s work – get this … “God formed

[Andres Breivik] and appointed him to punish Norway.” These are the same people who picket the funerals of American soldiers killed in action. And piling insult on insult, the US Supreme Court says what they do is – get this – okay. Do you feckin’ believe it (DYFBI)?

Only in America. And it ain’t likely to happen in Norway. In Norway they have laws against hate speech that trump the right to “free speech.” Sounds civilized in a civilized nation, ruled by civilized leaders, who provide a form of civilized behavior for the majority of its civilized people – Norway, of course. But in the good ol’ USA, the highest court in the land

says such weird, hateful, irrational behavior is okay. Ya’ can’t stop it. This is the same court that recently ruled that it’s okay for corporations to contribute unlimited funds to political campaigns because it falls under the “right to free speech.” Yikes! So who’s looking out for all us normal folk – the huge, damn majority of citizens? Obviously, not the highest court in the land. Maybe because it has its supreme head so far up its … in the clouds, that it can’t see the merits of protecting individual rights over corporate money and civilized behavior over extremism – in business or religion. Back to the religious zealots.

We need an intervention. Since “God Bless America” is rooted in religion, maybe we can get the leaders to intervene? Maybe the Pope, or an appointed court of Cardinals could meet with the US Supreme Court and have a chat with the Westboro Baptist church leaders. Give ’em chapter and verse, you know  … “We’re all God’s children …,” “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.” Or failing that, under the right to free speech, allow US corporations to fund a picketing-jihad against the Westboro church, which would keep all of them in Topeka and wherever else they live. Or if that private initiative fails, get the US Government actively involved. Waco comes to mind. Or, let them go to Norway and leave it to the Norwegian people – by the tens-of-thousands – and police and Norwegian law to deal with them (up to three years in jail). Come to think of it, not a bad idea.

Think about it!