For centuries Canada has lived with the fear of being overtaken or annexed by the United States – since before the War of 1812. How the tables have turned. Now, in the next few days Canada has an opportunity to “buy” the United States. If – and it’s still an if – Obama and Boehner screw it up and let the US default on its debt then the opportunity for a huge foreclosure sale is a possibility. If Canada can convince China to let it buy the US debt it holds (for a few cents on the dollar) then Canada could buy America. Of course. Canada would have to mortgage its oil reserves, nickel mines, fresh water and fresh beaver (come to think of it, it already has). But it could be worth it. Apparently Stephen Harper has a call into Obama. Rumor has it the US has a plan for a  “poison pill” offer to prevent Canada from moving on the US  – by none other than Donald Trump.