Climate change denial is a dangerous, undocumented alien among us

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Unfounded propaganda is creating a man-made "bozozone" that is denying us any chance of doing what is right. Three things you might not know: More than six in 10 Americans are represented by elected officials who think that climate change is a big ‘ol liberal hoax — including leaders at the highest level, like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.[1] Only 24 of 13,950 Read more...

“Oh Mother of Mary” … did Jesus really have a wife?

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Written in the 4th century AD, 150 years after the crucifixion, Jesus' little secret may be out. Or not? (reuters) Sacre Bleu!  Has this little piece of papyrus ripped a page out of the 2000-year-old Catholic story of misogyny? Has the Vatican been wrong all along? Did Jesus embrace the marriage of priests and the ordination of women? Read more...

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