Trump has exhausted every adverb, adjective, rebuttal,  rational analysis and the essence of deductive reasoning

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A syllogism destroyed

Since the time of Aristotle (384-322 BCE), the syllogism has been a cornerstone of deductive reasoning and logic.

Aristotle defined the syllogism as an argument consisting of three propositions, two as premises and one as conclusion, and this deductive reasoning was a critical part of the discourse of Ancient Greek logicians and philosophers.

Trump’s candidacy for the highest office in the land has turned Aristotle’s logic on its head. Aristotle could have written numbers 1 and 2 below, but today most people writing about Trump would apply the illogic of number 3:

  1. All humans are mortal, Trump is a human, therefore, he is mortal.
  2. Presidential candidates are flawed, Donald Trump is a presidential candidate, therefore, he is flawed.
  3. An idiot has never been a presidential candidate, Donald Trump is a presidential candidate, therefore, he is … an idiot.

After Wednesday night’s debate, there is really nothing left to say. Nothing. And yet, in less than 12 hours, the media has written another chapter – hell, a whole book – on Donald Trump. I’ve provided below a few links to the litany of commentaries and articles … more than Trump’s putrescent candidacy deserves.

I, for one, am not going to devote any more time and words to try and explain how this narcissistic, adolescent, incoherent, ignorant, misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, malignant, pathetic, faux celebrity … idiot, reached this point in a country as great as America.

I’m out of words.

Perhaps one day we will have a sufficient, retrospective and objective assessment of this blatant usurping of decency and intelligence, and have a better understanding of how one, hollow-brained, self-centered bully could high jack a society for more than a year and turn democratic reality into reality TV.

Links to read – if you aren’t too exhausted. And if you have time (6:11) an excellent video of insights on Trump’s mental incapability and lack of thinking by the brilliant Sam Harris. (Harris’s comments are even more obvious now than when recorded in July 2016).

November 9th can’t come soon enough.