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 49 countries – except Canada – support international child abuse battle

Some issues are above politics. Child abuse is one of them – except in Canada. An article in the Toronto Star on March 15, 2013 reported, “Canada drags its feet on joining global online child abuse battle … American and European diplomats are scratching their heads over why Canada remains the only Western country that has stopped short of joining a new high-powered Global Alliance against online child abuse set up in Brussels last December.” That’s three months ago. While Harper fiddles, thousands of children are burned, bound, bruised and sexually assaulted:

NO excuse Canada!

“The nature of Canada’s participation … is under consideration,” Public Safety spokesperson Jessica Slack told the Star, while acknowledging that “international cooperation is critical … to combat this terrible crime.” Under consideration? That’s a cop out Canada! Member countries do not have to commit any money or resources to the organization; they simply agree to set certain public targets in fighting child abuse and make reports on that progress.” And yet, Canada is absent. That is shameful. Disgusting. Inexcusable. It’s politics before children. Call, write, email your MP – today! Just send the link below and ask he/she why our country is not joining the Global Alliance with 49 other countries (see Harper’s email address below).

How low can the Harper Government go?

Steven Harper has an agenda, a weak cabinet and a caucus of sycophants, including Justice Minister Ron Nicholson. The rule is: fit in or you’re out. But, if for every rule there is an exception then child abuse is it. These are family men and women, parents … can politics be that morally corrupt? Obviously, “yes.” If our elected representatives are that despicable, that indecisive about protecting children, then we have only one choice: Start abusing the politicians.

Abuse your politician – today!

It’s one thing to play politics with immigration, economics, healthcare, etc. but when it comes to our children there is no debate. Protect them. From physical and mental abuse, from sexual abuse, from assault with deadly weapons … from having to grow up in a country that is so politically skewed that it cares not, and does not, for its people. It is one thing for politicians to screw most of the people, most of the time, but to ignore the abuse of children for even a moment – let alone three months – is … well, criminal.

Do something – not Harper – YOU!

Where’s the outrage? We know Harper and the politicians are dragging their asses on this issue so it’s time to start abusing them, so to speak. Take some action. Show your outrage. Send a quick note and a link to this blog. Or a link to the 8 minute Youtube video (see below):
  1. Harper’s email:
  2. Ron Nicholson:

Here’s the link to this straightspeak blog – cut & paste and send it to them:

Don’t drag your ass like the Canadian government. Demand some answers!

Take eight minutes – for the kids that don’t have a fighting chance – and watch this Dreamcatcher video. And then send it to Harper and Nicholson. It says it well.