On average, each kid donates between $5 – $10 and that generates $30 million to help other kids. Wow!

We the children are doing what many of you adult couch-potatoes should be doing but are not – helping kids build a better future

Here a few of the 55,000 happy kids Free the Children has helped get an education.

Free the Children is the largest organization of kids helping kids in the in the world. A $30 million charity – started by a kid. How embarrassing for most adults, especially the vacuous leaders (mainly politicians) who talk about “taking care of future generations” and then pocket their fat-ass salaries, indulge in their gaudy perks and go about being busy, being busy. In the meantime, there are a few hundred thousand kids putting them to shame.

Free the Children was founded in 1995 by a Canadian kid, Craig Kielburger, when he was 12 years old. It is now a global movement that is changing the lives of kids around the world based on Craig’s simple belief that all young people should be free to achieve their fullest potential. He’s an adult now, and at age 29 he oversees an organization that has grown beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. And the best part, it is fulfilling dreams for other kids around the world. 60 Minutes just did a piece on it and if you didn’t see it, watch it (click video below). And visit the Free the Children’s website – you will be blown away. Take 3 minutes now and watch this video when Craig was twelve and just starting out on the journey that became his life’s journey. It might change the life of a kid you know.

Over 20,000 kids packed the auditorium, loving every wonderful minute of it. Now this is a reality show, the other crap is pure fiction.

Recently, Free the Children held another huge event that Craig calls a “We Day.” This one was in Vancouver Canada (they’ve done 9 this year) and it filled the auditorium with over 20,000 kids – not for hockey or basketball, not for Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez, not for some demeaning TV reality show … no, for other kids. Other kids who need a helping hand. You can see a “We Day” clip on the 60 Minutes’ video below (if you haven’t got time to watch it now, watch it later. But watch it – for your kids and grand kids). Any parent who didn’t have a kid at this “We Day,” or one of the others, should be embarrassed. Shut the damn TV off, throw out the Taylor Swift posters and get your kids involved with Free the Children. Think of it this way: Your doing what’s best for your kids, what’s good for other kids, and your able to pass the buck by having your kids contribute to a worthy cause, instead of you – I know, I know … it’s that “too busy thing.”

For the full story about how your kids can participate, visit the website. But take a moment and absorb a few of the numbers these kids have achieved.

Girls in a class in China

Since 1995:

  • In 45 countries with programming and building projects.
  • 55,000 children now receive education every day.
  • Over 650 schools and school rooms built.
  • Over $16 million worth of medical supplies delivered around the world.
  • More than 30,000 women with economic self-sufficiency.
  • Over 1 million people with clean water,

Kids in Sri-Lanka

health care and sanitation.

  • More than 160,000 kids attending We Day experience (where are you taking your kids next year? A celebrity concert, Disney World or the real world?).

Wow! Just proves that you don’t have to be Bill Gates with truckloads of money to change the world for the better. Don’t wait until you have the money, just think and act like a kid.

Your kids win too – big time!

These are the leaders who will fix society.

In 2011, Mission Measurement conducted a survey of Free The Children alumni to assess the lasting impact of Free The Children’s domestic programming. The survey found that:

  • 90% now believe they are responsible for addressing social justice issues.
  • 68% gained a clear sense of their aspirations and life’s intentions.
  • 80%volunteered for more than 150 hours the previous year, on average.
  • 79% of those of voting age voted in the most recent national election—double the rate of their peers. (And almost 20% more than adults).

If you want to help fix the world, both at home and in far-off lands, forget the politicians, get your kids involved. Some wise person once said, “The good is in the giving.” And no better time to learn that then when you’re a kid.