Prime Minister Harper toasts the selling out to China. All part of the race to beat Americans to the big China pie. (photo:

Sign this petition BEFORE November 1, 2012 – hurry! Stop Canada’s Prime Minister Harper from creating his version of state capitalism!

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Here’s another conservative who says one thing and does another when it comes to China. (photo:

Canada’s Prime Minister Harper is about to sign a trade treaty with China that places foreign corporate profits above our own democratic laws and policies. It’s the very state capitalism and xenophobia we despise in China (he must have been talking to his American conservative comrade, Mitt Romney). Harper plans to sign the treaty into law on November 1st with NO public or parliamentary debate. 
If you give a damn about the limited amount of democracy that we still have left in our governmental system, then sign this petition to try and protect our natural resources and environment so that they will not be held hostage to Chinese corporate profits. This treaty must not be enacted without proper public debate and discourse.

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Harper, stop selling off our country bit by beautiful bit.

  • This undermines democracy and the protection of natural resources and environment.
  • It allows Chinese corporate interests (both private and state-owned) to sue us if we limit their right to profit from investments they have made in our country.
  • There has been no parliamentary debate, no public scrutiny not even a press release.
  • It’s bad for Canadian employment: The new Murray River coal mine in rural northern British Columbia (a majority Chinese owned mine by Kailuan Group) just imported 200 foreign-temporary Chinese workers with 1,800 more on the way.
  • It’s bad for the environment: Between the last Omnibus budget Bill C-38 and the current one, C-45, Harper is gutting 50 years of environmental legislation in Canada. If anyone wants to re-instate those provisions that protected our air, water, health and fish that will be almost impossible for 31 years without being sued by a Chinese corporation that has benefitted from the lax laws (learn more in an

Do something. Anything!

At the very least sign the petition and send the link to others. And if you’d like to know more, start with these links: