Three-time Superbowl champion, Tom Brady goes on a rant (see short video below)

If you want funny, get truly funny people to create your spots

If you haven’t seen the Tom Brady promo that has gone viral then check it out. Some great advertising lessons embedded in this one.

  • Comedic writing has to be done by great comedic writers. No run of the mill stuff here.
  • Done right, the product and brand don’t have to be front and center, screaming out, “Look at me.” Brady and clerk are wearing the product and it’s placed in the spot.
  • If a spot is well done – suited to social media – it can go viral, reaching far outside the normal media buy.
  • The entertainment value in a great commercial is at the core of its success versus blatant “hard sell” techniques (try selling that to your client).
  • This type of creativity can greatly extend the reach through online marketing.

In this video, created by comedy website Funny or Die, Tom Brady, the Super Bowl-winning quarterback of New England Patriots (and husband of Gisele Bündchen and father of Bridget Moynahan’s son) gets flustered ­– pissed off – as a sporting-goods sales clerk pesters him about his non-existent Boston accent. The skit has more than a million views on the site since late May and has been picked up by other websites like and ESPN. It’s a three-minute video.