Just to clarify – I misstated. I gave them too much credit. My mistake.

Looks like a hospital bed. But you don't get out of this one alive.

In this morning’s blog I stated that 37 States had abolished the death penalty. Wrong! Very wrong! Where I found that fact, it was referring to “37 jurisdictions” – whatever the hell that means? Other than it sounds better for the rabble who think the death penalty is a good thing.

In fact, ONLY 16 state governments, plus DC, are enlightened enough to have abolished the death penalty.  Do you fecken’ believe it (DYFBI)? On the flip side, 34 States, plus the US Government and military, still have NOT abolished it. See list.

BTW,  Michigan abolished its death penalty in 1846; Wisconsin in 1853, Maine in 1887 – what the hell is wrong with the other imbecile states? Talk about being behind the times and out of touch with reality. How long does it take to get smarter than a fifth grader? Of the 16 “smart states,” only two – two – border on being southern states: West Virginia and New Mexico. The rest of the “South” still doesn’t get it. Shameful!

I shall ask for the abolition of the death penalty until I have the infallibility of human judgment demonstrated to me. – The Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834)

Long before the US Constitution was written some leaders understood the fundamental human flaw of  having a death penalty in a civilized society. Where was the Marquis de Lafayette when they were writing the constitution?