The hypocrisy of democracy is the elephant in the room

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and its demise is accelerating in the absence of integrity, principles, patriotic guts and genetic mutation Three things you might not know The Economist Intelligence Unit's "Democracy Index 2016," ranks the USA 21st among 165 independent states. Norway is #1. Canada is #6.  The US dropped out of the top category of "full democracies" (19 countries) and joined 57 Read more...

Are Stumpf and Trump biologically connected?

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Egregious behavior by hollow, narcissistic leaders like Stumpf and Trump is, unfortunately, in the DNA of homo sapiens Four things you might not know The root cause of the behavior of bankers and corporate leaders is directly linked to the scientific findings by Charles Darwin in The Descent of Man and reinforced today by Edward O. Wilson in The Social Conquest Read more...

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