Thank you Bill O’Reilly – sort of, kind of …

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at least you've reminded us of our Darwinian downside Three things you might not know Genetically, we humans are only 1.2% different than chimpanzees.[1] Research finds that male chimpanzees that wage a campaign of sustained aggression against females sire more offsprings than their less violent counterparts and suggests that such nasty behavior evolved because it gave the more powerful Read more...

Dumb and Dumber – no, it’s not a movie; it’s reality

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Socrates, Plato, Lucretius would not have allowed Einstein to pass out of the fifth grade. (  We humans are dumber than we were 1000 years ago Are we devolving rather than evolving? Is the human brain, which is 98.4% the same as a chimpanzee’s, slowly deteriorating? If Lucretius (99-55 BC) had known Einstein would he have considered him Read more...

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