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Ten leadership books most leaders probably haven’t read, but should

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A plethora of lessons, a dearth of leadership   Six things you might not know: More than 11,000 business books are published annually.[1] Surprise, the top-ten books listed below are seldom on anybody's top-10 or even the top-100 list. Will Durant, the great historian (1900-1981), selected his top-ten thinkers from leadership geniuses across history. On Durant's list, only one author Read more...

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Presidential debate features a Hedgehog and Chicken Little, not a fox

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Hillary was the Hedgehog, Donald was Chicken Little The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing. – Archilochus (680-645 BCE)   Four things you might remember: Isaiah Berlin's famous essay, The Hedgehog and the Fox (1953) is a much used metaphor for profiling two types of thinking and it is based on the Ancient Greek writings Read more...

Picking a winner in the first Presidential debate will be easy – try this

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The only three things you need to observe in comparing candidates Mental capability (as defined by Jaques & Cason) Emotional intelligence (as defined by Daniel Goleman) Knowledge (as defined by you or any objective person) In case you didn't mark the calendar, the first US Presidential debate is Monday, September 26th, 9pm (EDT) (4 minute read) The post-debate media coverage Read more...

Does Trump’s birther lie confirm a more frightening truth?

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A truth Alexander Hamilton feared greatly  Two things you probably do know – and two you might not Either Donald Trump lied for more than four years or Donald Trump told the truth for four years and is now lying. Donald Trump doesn’t give a damn if he lies or what you think. Adolescence or "arrested adulthood" can continue Read more...

Isn’t one lunatic with nuclear weapons enough?

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Three things you might not know: In 5-10 years America, your children and your grandchildren could be in the nuclear cross-hairs of North Korea. Egypt and other countries could be customers for Kim Jong Un's nuclear warheads. Three times Trump asked foreign policy advisors why he couldn't use nuclear weapons to solve the nation's problems. (Two minute read) America, ask Read more...

Does mental capability trump cultural coding?

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Two things you might not know: “We found that the pattern of peoples’ mental processing could be observed in the manner in which they organized their information, or arguments, in the course of an engrossed discussion or argument. The finding was that there were only four patterns of types of mental processing that people use when explaining their position on Read more...

Trump plays high school dodge ball

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3 things to think about: Being one of 1,860 billionaire's does not qualify anyone to be President of the United States. One lousy interviewer can deprive Americans of critical information they require to make educated decisions. "30 days" for a war plan is typical of someone who thinks the art of war is similar to the art of the deal. Read more...

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