$85 or your life – pay attention and stop walking the talk

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This is one time “walk the talk” is a bad idea I am not sure we need a study or poll to tell us this but there is one that says, “ Texting while walking can be a distraction.”  Reality tells us even more: It can get you killed. In the town of Fort Lee, New Jersey (across Read more...

Meet the neighbors – before we kill them all!

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Hey you humans, it's not Planet Earth, it's Planet Water How naïve, arrogant and ignorant of us to call it planet earth. Oceans cover 71% of the planet, provide 95% of all space available for life and are life sustaining to more than 100 million species, of which we humans are only one. The oceans are a universal Read more...

Text message: “Hey Mom, I’ll be right home … maybe.”

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Dumb people using smart phones – it's killing them. But only about 5500 each year, so who cares? When your number is up, it's up. And it may be your next call. The U.S. Department of Transportation says nearly 5500 people died in crashes in 2009 involving a distracted driver (most on the phone) and the National Safety Read more...

Forget the science of climate change, just step outside

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On January 5, 2012, 98% of the United States had temperatures above freezing – in January! On this same day in January 2011, 46% of the United Sates was covered in snow but this year only 19% was covered. That's good for lizards and sunbathers, not so good for polar bears and skiers. What’s happening? Somebody Read more...

Who dies first? The chicken or the egg – or you?

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Where does salmonella come from? Maybe your Egg McMuffin? McDonald's Egg McMuffin ain't what it's cracked up to be. Because there are dead chickens in the hen house – and rats and flies and bugs. And the egg producers (not McDonald's), recycle the dead birds into the feed, which goes into the chicken, which goes into the eggs, Read more...

Exercise is great for the brain – really!

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Better body, better brain. That’s what the research is saying. We kind of knew it, but now a number of studies have shown that people who exercise regularly actually learn faster, remember more, think clearer and are less prone to depression and cognitive decline. So stop with the crossword puzzles and get on that treadmill Read more...

“My friends and I have been coddled long enough … It’s time for our government to get serious about shared sacrifice.” – Warren Buffett, Aug. 14, 2011, New York Times

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Wow! Finally! Reality! A leader cuts through the gobbledygook of trickle down economics and tells it like it is. Warren Buffett may stand alone among the rich but he is standing up for what matters – although he may be a tad late in coming to the rescue. “The Oracle of Omaha,” as he is Read more...

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