A must read book for anyone with life insurance

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Interview and excerpt at hereliesyourmoney.com. Book is available at: Chapters/Indigo.ca and Amazon.ca and Amazon.com Leading financial expert Leonard Goodman says, “Life insurance can be worth more to you alive than you think.” In this perspicacious book, Goodman rips the veneer off of an egregious economic and moral injustice for millions of Canadians and encourages Canadians and politicians to Read more...

In search of leadership

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Two things you might not know: Lee Iacocca's leadership at Ford (1968-1978): To fix the Ford Pinto's exploding gas tank problem Ford did a cost-benefit analysis: "To fix would cost an additional $11 per vehicle, and Ford weighed that against projected injury claims for severe burns, repair-costs claim rate and mortality. The total would have been approximately $113 million (including the Read more...

Men on top? Women on top? What’s up with work, marriage, love and sex?

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Keeping it up at both ends is not easy when you both work and it's damn near impossible when there are kids.  Who wrote the book of love? Well there's a bunch of them Everybody, including the neighbor, has an opinion on how to find a balance between office and home, career and family, money and kids, love Read more...

Hey grown ups, move over … get out of our way!

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On average, each kid donates between $5 - $10 and that generates $30 million to help other kids. Wow! We the children are doing what many of you adult couch-potatoes should be doing but are not – helping kids build a better future Here a few of the 55,000 happy kids Free the Children has helped get Read more...

It’s a wonderful wired world for marketing––or scary as hell!

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David Ogilvy and Bill Bernbach could never have imagined that "word-of-mouth" advertising meant this. (photo: blognaver) If you're not wired up, you might want to stick to shopping, not selling Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook (forbes.com) Those sizeable numbers in my email notice (PCs around for 35 years, the Internet for 20 years, 2 billion people on Read more...

Oh Canada, oh no! Is Harper selling out to China?

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Prime Minister Harper toasts the selling out to China. All part of the race to beat Americans to the big China pie. (photo: forestethics.com) Sign this petition BEFORE November 1, 2012 – hurry! Stop Canada's Prime Minister Harper from creating his version of state capitalism! Click here to sign the petition: Here's another conservative who says one Read more...

Luxury to die for – and in!

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Just when you thought it was safe to slip back into that ego-soothing leather MercedesCclass - all that money, so little safety. See that 3 pointed star, you may be wearing it soon. Aaah the quality of luxury brands: Your safety is optional and brand damage protection is not included Most of us know a quality brand when Read more...

How’s your paycheck? Does size matter?

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 Compare it to Apple's Tim Cook at $348 million or WWP's Martin Sorrell who didn't get his $10.5 million or a lot of rich CEOs in between How much is $348 million? (graphic: NYT) Wow! And we thought times were tough. Somewhere between the 99% and the 1% there was supposed to be a tempering of the ghastly Read more...

In the flotsam of the digital avalanche, Warren Buffett is still buying newspapers. What’s going on in media?

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No, that's not Warren Buffett but the Buffalo News is his newspaper and Stanford Lipsey is the publisher. They do look a little alike. (photo: bbannon/NYT) Just when you thought you had media figured out Not only is Warren buying newspapers but he owns the Buffalo News – a ghost of its former self – in a city that has lost Read more...

Marketing with product placement: When subtle can go viral

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Three-time Superbowl champion, Tom Brady goes on a rant (see short video below) If you want funny, get truly funny people to create your spots If you haven’t seen the Tom Brady promo that has gone viral then check it out. Some great advertising lessons embedded in this one. Comedic writing has to be done by great comedic Read more...

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